Our History

Dr. Aaron McDonough started Granite Peak Orthodontics in June 2017 after practicing in other areas for 7 years.  He was ready to build something special that would provide great care, in a modern facility, with a highly trained team.

Since 2017 we've continued to improve every area in the office.  Some of those improvements have been as simple as eliminating paper charts and adding computers.  We've also eliminated goopy impressions and add digital impressions and 3D printing.  Dr. Aaron's favorite update was eliminating the dark room to develop X-rays which was replaced with the latest CBCT Digital X-ray machine which lowered the radiation and improved the imaging.  There are countless other small touches and upgrades being made every year to ensure that our practice is up-to-date and ready to serve our patients and their families.

Our practice uses progressive concepts to ensure we always practicing in the modern era. We have had an incredible beginning, but we wholeheartedly believe the best is yet to come.

Why Granite Peak?

Granite Peak is the tallest peak in the great state of Montana. For us, Granite Peak is a reminder to never stop exploring the world around us and to strive to be the best. We are an orthodontic office, but our roots are in the mountains and rivers of this beautiful place.

Our Team

Dr. Aaron wants to have the best-trained orthodontic team in the state. He’s passionate about learning and believes a better-educated team will deliver better care.

That’s why we keep training every day. It’s part of our DNA. We bring in the best local minds, search out the best national practices, and keep looking for better ways to do our work, care for our patients, and connect with our community.

Our training is not just about teeth. Although we do train every month to the standards of the American Board of Orthodontics, we also learn about the world around us, the biology of the human body, the psychology of kids and teens, and how to listen and communicate effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful smiles, continually improve the Granite Peak experience and help our patients enjoy a life time of good oral health.